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PCR Test for SARS-Co-V2 is not currently available Feb/2024~ 

旅行者のための PCR検査/抗原検査(保険適応外)

1)PCR  検査・・・・・・・10000円(税込み)

  (同日結果希望の場合は 午前9時から10時に来院必要)


  検査当日 来院 必要書類記載 支払い

      (当日結果希望の場合 :夕方17時頃結果発行)

 検査翌日 午前 陰性証明 お渡し(紙媒体)



A PCR test/ An antigen test for travel​lers

Insurance is not covered. (tax included)

1) PCR test ・ ・ ・・・・・・・ 10000 yen 

2) Antigen test (qualitative)・・・5000yen


   On the day

   Visit the clinic, payment with required documents
   Saliva / nasopharyngeal swab collection

   (If the test is completed
 before 10:00, the result will be issued around 17:00.)

 The next day

   On the morning, the negative certificate will be handed over (paper medium)

 It is possible to attach the result PDFs to emails.
   Please make a request at the reception desk or through this application email.

CLOSE on Thursdays, Sundays and public holidays.

フライトのスケジュールに間に合うように検査日を予定してください。Please schedule your inspection date in time for your flight schedule.








We give priority to general medical care, and we accept only online.
We will decide inspection date and will reply to you by emai
l within the next business day.
Please be careful so that the test results will be in time for the flight.

Please let us know in advance if you need a special format.

Negative proofs will be issued in both Japanese and English.

If you would like to receive the results by email please let us know.

(no need to visit the hospital to receive them)

COVID-19 PCR Test for travelers

和文/English/簡体/Español/ Português/ bahasa Indonesia/ไทย/Tiếng Việt

電話はできる限り避けてください・検査予約は電話では受けておりません。日本語でしか対応はできません。Please avoid calling as much as possible.  We do not accept inspection reservations by phone. Only Japanese language is available.



ほしみ脳神経外科 PCR検査係

​☎ 0594-32-7500


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